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Trade the vehicle. Your trade-in (current vehicle) value is reduced because of the damaged engine. If trading for a used vehicle you could be purchasing one with "unknown and potentially costly" maintenance issues. New vehicles are expensive. Patch job. Depending on the type of engine damage you could consider fixing the specific problem but this is usually expensive and there are no guarantees that another engine related failure won't occur.


generator engine


cylinder heds Cylinder Heds

Reconditioning of all types of cylinder heds fabrication of valve seats, valve guides, metal stitching of cracked cylinder heds, changing of injector sleeves, changing of injector sleeves, exhaust valves seats & exhaust valve degree stelliting and grinding to original angle is done by us.


fabricating of bearing Fabricating of Bearing

We successfully carry out fabrication of white metal, Bi-metal & Tri-metal bearing for all types of D.G. sets, Marine Engines, Compressors, Turbines etc.

babbiting of bearing Babbiting of Bearing

Babbiting of white metal bearing by centrifugal process for D.G. Set, Marine engines, Compressors, Turbines etc. is undertaken by us.


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